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We utilize sacred ancestral medicine and heart-centered coaching to give you the tools to heal, connect with your full potential, and become the primary agent of your own life. We do this through our ayahuasca retreats and individual sacred medicine ceremonies. We are based primarily in and around Medellin but also offer ayahuasca experiences in the Colombian Amazon.

The Ethos of

Colibri Garden

Colibri Garden is a metaphor for our inner world, for our inner garden. We’d all like to invite the colibris (hummingbirds) of love, joy, peace, success, and connection into our lives but before we do that we need to tend to our garden



The healing (gardening) process normally begins with the cleansing (weeding) of stuck emotions, limiting beliefs, letting go of past hurt, forgiving what we once perceived to be unforgivable, and assuming complete responsibility for our lives.



Having freed up space in our garden we can then begin planting the beautiful flowers of our inner world. We start choosing love over fear, we act with courage and integrity, we honour ourselves and create new habits and relationships from that space.



Once we have laid the foundations and planted the seeds in our inner garden, we now have to nurture it. We water our inner garden with courage, consistency, integrity, love, faith and trust. As a result, our garden grows beautiful flowers, the flowers of self-love, confidence, and connectedness with the flow of life. And it is exactly these flowers that attract all that we want in life, all the hummingbirds come to feed off the beautiful flowers in our garden.

Colibri Garden


And the best thing about this garden is that once you learn how to plant it, you cannot unlearn it. You cannot lose your ability to plant. Once you become a good gardener you will always have a beautiful garden, and even if at one point one of your hummingbirds decides to fly away, you will still be surrounded by beautiful flowers.

At Colibri Garden we aim to give you the tools to become a good gardener, to enable you to weed out what no longer serves you, and plant and grow your own beautiful garden.

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Our practitioners 



Ivaylo is an experienced sacred medicine retreat facilitator, integration coach, and founder of Colibri Garden. He works with various medicines, practices and rituals including ayahuasca, psilocybin mushrooms, temazcal, cacao, men’s work, and breathwork. He has been living in Colombia since 2018, learning closely from Colombian and other Latin American medicine men and women.



Taita Giovani comes from the Awá indigenous community in Putumayo, Colombia. Taita Giovani is a Master Shaman and true custodian of the ayahuasca/yagé medicine who has been holding ceremonies for 25 years, providing healing to tens of thousands of participants. Taita Giovani is primarily based in Santa Elena (around an hour from Medellin) and returns to Putumayo a few times per year to prepare the medicine.


Pablo Correa

Juan Pablo is a trained practitioner of sacred medicines, including kambo, bufo alvarius (5 M-e-O DMT), psilocybin mushrooms, and cacao. Juan Pablo has 10 years of experience working with these medicines, helping to guide people on a path of true healing and self-actualization.


Gloria Gonzáles

Abuela Gloria is a Colombian medicine woman and practitioner of Native American traditions. She is a Sun Dancer, Leader of Teotlac Vision Quest in the Mexica-Toltec tradition, Leader of Dual Moon Dance Ometeotzinmetzli, Leader of Temazcal and Carrier of the Obsidian Pipe.

Jué & Susana Karollys

Jué is a carrier of the Sacred Pipe – Channunpa, and the medicines of Kambo, Huachuma (San Pedro),
Wilka and Inipi. He is also a Sun Dancer and an excellent musician. Susana is a traditional midwife and Kambo practitioner. Together they hold the Huachuma (San Pedro) Mesa Andina Altar.

Mags Tanev

Mags is a journalist, copywriter, and facilitator in the psychedelics and sacred medicine space. She facilitates the monthly online integration circle for Colibri Garden and is passionate about creating spaces where participants feel safe to explore their experiences and connect with others on a similar path. In her writing, she focuses on highlighting indigenous voices in the psychedelic renaissance and providing reliable information to help psychedelic seekers on their path. She has been building a relationship with yagé since 2019 and enjoys supporting individuals in both their preparation and integration process with yagé/ayahuasca. Find out more about her work at magstanev.com.

Commitment to

Giving Back 

At Colibri Garden, we pledge to give 10% of our profits to support other organizations, projects, and individuals who align with our gardening mission. We prioritize work that supports indigenous elders, children’s education, art, and the conservation and spread of the sacred knowledge and wisdom of living in connection with the natural world.

Some of the organizations we have supported so far include:

Ivaylo Govedarov

Founder of Colibri Garden

My journey inward began when my mother passed away in 2013. She was 51 and had cancer, I was 23. I have since described that the mother’s love feels like an invisible energy field that covers you and gives you love, security, acceptance, and protection. When she passed away, the source of this energy field was gone; and having lost this protective field I discovered that there was much more than my mother’s passing that I had to resolve.

I went through a couple of years of deep depression, waking up daily with a ball of anxiety in my stomach, wondering what the point of it all was given all the suffering, and only finding short respite through smoking marijuana. I eventually managed to get myself to a point where I had managed to suppress all the pain but the price for not feeling it was not feeling anything at all, life had no flavor.

On my journey of healing, I encountered ayahuasca/yagé in 2016. The work with this and other ancestral medicines helped me unearth all the sadness, shame, scarcity, helplessness, anger, and pain I had inside, my limiting beliefs, the past hurts I was holding on to, my fear of the future, my lack of skill in navigating my inner and outer worlds and ultimately my unwillingness to accept full responsibility for my life.

This journey of healing and planting my own garden led me to come to Colombia in 2018 where I could learn from the local medicine men and women who are master gardeners. The lessons, examples, and ways of looking at the world that I have encountered on this path have helped me change my life and commit to living on a path of authenticity and connectedness to my heart.

I would love to accompany you on this journey of remembering your personal power to create and connecting with your capacity to overcome and transform any life situation.

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