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Is Colombia safe?

Colombia, and Medellin and its surrounding areas specifically, are increasingly safe to visit for tourists. While there is a risk of petty crime, tourism is on the up, and the vast majority of visitors that stick to safer areas and look after their belongings do not face any danger in Colombia.

Should I do a full retreat or single ceremony?

There are different experiences with this situation. The two experiences are indeed different. The benefit of going to a retreat is that you would be able to feel being in community, being able to talk about your process with life and bond with others over an extended period of time, time that you take for yourself.  An individual ceremony could be just as powerful in terms of connecting with the medicine and getting deep insight while not requiring us to take a week or ten days away.

Is ayahuasca safe?

Ayahuasca is safe for healthy individuals. Those with a history of serious psychiatric disorders are advised not to drink ayahuasca. Ayahuasca can be harmful when interacting with certain medications such as SSRIs, so it’s important to taper off these medications before drinking ayahuasca.

Can ayahuasca help me with depression?

Ayahuasca is not a magic bullet, but studies have shown it can help relieve symptoms of depression not only through brain chemistry but also by allowing individuals to understand the root of their symptoms and subsequently heal those traumas. For more information, check out this article.

Can ayahuasca help me release control?

Ayahuasca by its very nature is about releasing control; surrendering to the experience. If you’re somebody who spends a lot of time trying to control aspects of your life that are outside of your influence, ayahuasca may be able to help you understand where this comes from and let go of the control we tend to hold onto so tightly.

Can ayahuasca help me get off antidepressants?

There have been many anecdotal reports of people who taper off antidepressant medication prior to drinking ayahuasca and do not return to taking them due to the profound impact of the experience on their depressive symptoms. However, we always recommend consulting your doctor or psychiatrist when making decisions around prescribed medication and coming off them under the supervision of a trained professional.

Is ayahuasca legal?

Yes! Ayahuasca (yagé) is legal in Colombia.

What medications should I avoid with ayahuasca?

There are a number of medications that should not be combined with ayahuasca, including SSRIs and stimulants. You can find a list of contraindications in this article and we always advise that you consult with a doctor before tapering off prescription medications.

What is the ayahuasca diet?

In the weeks and days leading up to drinking ayahuasca, it’s important to undertake a mental and physical diet. This means avoiding certain foods and substances before ceremony, including pork, dairy, fermented foods, alcohol and recreational drugs. Find a full breakdown here.

Can I drink ayahuasca while on my period?

In the Colombian tradition, most Taitas do not allow women to drink ayahuasca (yagé) while on their period.

What’s not included in the retreats?
  • Airfare to and from Jose Maria Cordova International Airport (Airport Code: MDE)
  • Any offsite meals or purchases
  • Alcoholic beverages (strongly discouraged)
  • Travel insurance (strongly recommended)
  • Travel medical insurance (required). We recommend IM Global.
  • Tips and gratuities for guides, hosts, and facilitators
How do I sign up and prepare for a retreat?
  • Get in contact to speak to a member of our team
  • Purchase your flight to Jose Maria Cordova International Airport (Airport Code: MDE)(Airline tickets not included)
  • Purchase travel (recommended) and medical insurance (required)
  • Stay connected for travel and trip updates
  • Read our FAQ and Medicine Sections
  • Pack your bags
  • Enjoy!