Why Integration


Too often, people have profound, transformational experiences with plant medicines, and then return to their previous environment with no support system in place to help them integrate the information and insights they received during the ceremony. The afterglow wears off, and soon they’re back to old habits, relationships, and behavior patterns.

Here’s where integration support comes in. Integration coaching provides you with the support needed so that you can “do the homework” following a retreat or individual ceremony. It is exactly this follow-up work that makes the difference between generating a long-lasting positive change in your life and having a peak experience that withers away with time.

With the integration work we do at Colibri Garden, we accompany and guide you on your journey of becoming a good gardener of your inner world. Our program incorporates the four stages of our gardening process – Weeding, Planting, Nurturing, Colibri Garden, -and aims to equip you with the tools, strategies and mindset to enact the lessons that you learned during your individual ceremony or retreat.

We do this through a compassionate approach that provides support at every step of the way, while also holding you accountable to act in integrity and alignment with the changes you want to make. We use tools such as meditation, inner child work, emotional release techniques, breathwork, and communication training, amongst others, to help you progress and transform mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Coaching Support

Embody the transformation

  • Weekly Calls over Zoom
  • Taylor made curriculum
  • Custom duration of program


Coaching Call

Book a one-off coaching call

While we believe that a multi-week program is necessary to see the maximum benefit, we also offer one-off coaching calls on occasion for those who feel like they need coaching on a very specific area or ahead of an event. Let us know if you think this is you.

Monthly Online

Integration Circle


Each month, we gather on Zoom for two hours to share what’s present for us at this moment, discuss any past or upcoming journeys with sacred medicines, and talk about the month’s topic.

The session is donation based. You do not need to pay to attend, but if you are financially able, we suggest a donation of 10USD.

Whether you’re an experienced ceremony-goer or new to the medicine world, all are welcome to join the circle. Reach out to Mags at +573107244039 to find out when the next circle is!

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