Medicine Music


Those that have walked the medicine path will know the vital role that music plays both in and outside of ceremony.

Whether it’s the sound of a guitar, drum, harmonica, flute, voice, or the icaros of the Taita, medicine music has the power to touch your soul and facilitate deep connections between you and everything around you. There is so much to learn from the melodies and lyrics of medicine songs, and here at Colibri Garden, we have a profound appreciation for all of the medicine musicians out there contributing to this important healing work.


That’s why we’re currently building a virtual guitar course specifically focused on medicine music, with teaching and guidance from local Colombian musicians. Join the waitlist and be the first to hear about the course once it’s released.

And in the meanwhile,

Check out our tailor-made Colibri Garden Spotify playlist for some beautiful medicine songs to help you connect with the energy of ceremony, wherever you may be.