Colibri Garden x Healing Maps YouTube Series: How to Have a Transformative Ayahuasca Experience

Mar 10, 2023 | 0 comments

For those new to the world of sacred medicine, it can be difficult to find trustworthy, cohesive guidance online that’s rooted in real-life experience. While trip reports can be fun to read, they’re not necessarily the best thing to consume before a ceremony. What newcomers to the space most often need is tangible advice that they can relate to and implement immediately.

Colibri Garden recently teamed up with Healing Maps to create an informative video series on How to Have a Transformative Ayahuasca Experience.

Our goal with this series is to provide practical, reliable advice for people who feel the call to drink ayahuasca. Founder of Colibri Garden, Ivaylo, breaks down the three fundamental areas of an ayahuasca experience: preparation, navigation, and integration, exploring crucial questions such as: How do I choose the right ayahuasca retreat for me? Why do I need an intention? How do I prepare for an ayahuasca ceremony? And many more.

Check out the first two videos below:

In this introductory video, Ivaylo describes his work with Colibri Garden.

Colibri Garden works with together local Colombian medicine men and women to facilitate transformative experiences with sacred medicines such as yagé (ayahuasca), huachuma, temazcal, mushrooms, and breathwork. Colibri Garden also provides guidance and coaching to give you the tools to heal, connect with your full potential, and become the primary agent of your own life.

In this video, Ivaylo discusses his top tips for choosing an ayahuasca retreat.

There are a number of different factors that go into this important decision. At the top of Ivaylo’s list is getting a feel for the facilitators and their experience level with the medicine. It’s important to quiz them on which tradition they follow and what training they have undergone.

In addition, Ivaylo recommends considering what kind of comfort level you require, how many people will be in the ceremonies, and whether or not the retreat center has a policy of reciprocity with indigenous communities.

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Production coordinator: Mags Tanev

Videography and editing: Felipe Bedoya

Author: Mags Tanev

Mags Tanev is a freelance writer in the psychedelics and sacred medicine space. She is also the co-facilitator of the Colibri Garden Integration Circle and lives in Medellín, Colombia.

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