Colibri Garden x Healing Maps Video Series: Intention Setting & Ceremony Preparation

Mar 13, 2023 | 0 comments

The ayahuasca ceremony starts not when you arrive at the retreat center or ceremony space, or drink the first cup of medicine, but when you commit to the experience.

The level you prepare for the ceremony – and the energetic momentum that is generated – can directly impact your experience with the medicine. Part of the preparation is defining your intention and connecting with it regularly, in addition to following the physical diet and engaging in practices that help you connect with your body and emotions.

In the next two videos in the video series, How to Have a Transformative Ayahuasca Experience, Ivaylo explores why you need to have an intention to drink ayahuasca, how you can define it if you haven’t already, and his top tips on preparing for the ceremony.

In this video, Ivaylo explains the importance of having an intention for your ayahuasca ceremony. Not only does your intention help you direct and guide your experience, but it can also act as an anchor if you experience a challenging moment during the ceremony.

Ivaylo recommends conducting a life audit and asking yourself a few key questions to set your intention if you’re unsure what to ask the medicine for help with.

There are many aspects to preparing for an ayahuasca ceremony. While each retreat center may have its own specifics when it comes to the physical diet, there are some helpful tips that apply no matter where you’re planning to commune with the medicine.

In this video, Ivaylo goes over his top recommendations for preparing for an ayahuasca ceremony. These include practices that can help you feel your emotions and get into your body, such as breathwork, meditation, yoga, and journaling. It’s also important to conduct a mental diet that means avoiding places where the energy may be at odds with the medicine, such as bars and nightclubs.

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Production coordinator: Mags Tanev

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Author: Mags Tanev

Mags Tanev is a freelance writer in the psychedelics and sacred medicine space. She is also the co-facilitator of the Colibri Garden Integration Circle and lives in Medellín, Colombia.

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